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We are so excited to introduces our new gummy mixes!

The mixed gummies are great for anyone who has a sweet tooth and a love for gummy candies.

From watermelon slices to sour neon gummy worms you are certain to enjoy each mix.

Sour Gummy Worms on Marble Counter Top

We use a variety of our gummy candies in each bag, so you will always have a good variety of gummy candy in each bag!

Each bag has its own unique shape that separates it from other gummy candies and mixes.

Sour Gummy Bears on Marble Counter Top

In addition, you have the option of choosing between 1 pound or 2 pounds of mixed gummies.

Witches Brew Assorted Gummy Mix Pouch with White Background

Our Halloween Witches Brew gummy mix was a hit this year! This bag contained 1 pound of gummy candy that fit nicely into a witches cauldron.

We will be introducing our 1 and 2 lb. Hello Santa gummy candy mixes this holiday season as well. 

Orange Slices Gummy Mix Utah Candy Kara Chocolates Utah Chocolate Truffles

One of our favorite gummy mix bags we will introduce this year is our 1 lb. Dino gummy candy mix!

Stay on the look out. We will be introducing new Easter gummy mix bags shortly!


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